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Champagne Inspired Body Scrub

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Bubbly2Scrub brings you two of life greatest luxuries. Champagne & Comfort. Our organic coconut oil & sugar scrubs will leave your feeling fancy, exfoliated and moisturized all day. We use premium ingredients..which means we keep the exfoliation, moisturizing and glamour going strong. 


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Ready to bring a little luxury into your daily life? Our handmade body scrubs are sophisticated blends combined with organic coconut oil and premium sugar crystals that will gently exfoliate while hydrating the skin. NO NEED FOR POST SHOWER MOISTURIZING! Lather With Love.


Champagne Brut

Bubbly 2 Scrub BRUT Scrub is a sophisticated blend that combines a lush bouquet of green florals, sophisticated spicy carnation; fused with a light hints of patchouli.



Bubbly 2 Scrub ROSÉ Scrub is a feminine and sophisticated blend that combines elegant rose crystals, midnight orchid oil and fused with a light veil of vanilla oil.


Black Label

Bubbly 2 Scrub Black Label is a blend of effervescent, delicate saffron threads infused with apple blossoms, black currants, and blackberries with warm & spicy anise and sparkling amber notes.