Brewed 2 Scrub: Mango IPA 11oz Sugar Scrub

Brewed 2 Scrub: Mango IPA 11oz Sugar Scrub


Brewed2Scrub brings you two of life’s greatest indulgences. Beer & Relaxation. Our organic coconut oil & sugar scrubs will leave your feeling relaxed, exfoliated and moisturized all day. We use premium ingredients..which means we keep the exfoliation, moisturizing and relaxation going strong. 

ESSENCE: Alluring mango with hints of honey, apricot, and tangerine that gently exfoliates while hydrating skin. No need for post shower moisturizing!

Our Brewed 2 Scrub scents are unisex, and enjoyed by everyone!

11 oz Scrub Hand Made With:

Organic Coconut Oil

Premium Sugar Crystals

Premium Fragrance Oil

Phthalate free


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