Bubbly 2 Scrub Rosé Champagne Sugar Scrub

Bubbly 2 Scrub Rosé Champagne Sugar Scrub


Bubbly 2 Scrub brings you two of life greatest luxuries. Champagne & Comfort. Our organic coconut oil & sugar scrubs will leave your feeling fancy, exfoliated and moisturized all day. We use premium ingredients..which means we keep the exfoliation, moisturizing and glamour going strong.

Bubbly 2 Scrub ROSÉ Scrub is a feminine and sophisticated blend that combines elegant rose crystals, midnight orchid oil and fused with a light veil of vanilla oil; combined with organic coconut oil and premium sugar crystals that will gently exfoliate while hydrating the skin. NO NEED FOR POST SHOWER MOISTURIZING! Later With Love.

8 oz Scrub Hand Made With:

Organic Coconut Oil

Premium Sugar Crystals

Premium Fragrance Oil

Phthalate free

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